Pronunciation: (Classical) IPA(key): /perˈten.toː/, [pɛrˈtɛn.toː]

Verb: pertentō (present infinitive pertentāre, perfect active pertentāvī, supine pertentātum); first conjugation

I test, try, experiment
I explore thoroughly

At Pertento it is first of all our desire to circumvent the min-max culture that is omnipresent in both retail WoW and in the vanilla WoW scene. By ditching this elitist attitude we make room for other classes and specialisations that are considered feeble by many players. As a result we will not simply play a game of spreadsheets, instead we provide players with the choice to focus more on the role they want their class to play in group encounters.

At the same time we are a dedicated raiding guild which means that our expectations of raiders are high. Like any ‘semi-hardcore’ guild we expect all players attending raids to be fully prepared, including those that are playing an ‘off-spec’. We acknowledge that the freedom we provide players depends entirely on the difficulty of the content. If Blizzard tunes content to be more difficult or progression is too slow come AQ/Naxx we will take the necessary steps to get more optimal raid setups. Ultimately we strive to be on a competitive level with other dedicated raiding guilds.

In the end we emphasise the social and altruistic aspect of vanilla gaming. We believe raiding should be fun and engaging and not a mindless chore. We value social cohesion and respect among our members which will ensure our perseverance, and eventually our success, in even the most strenuous PvE encounters.