Something about yourself

I’m a 23 year old Dane living in Denmark. I’m currently a MSc student studying Computer Science & Engineering, where I’m specialising in Cyber Security. I’m a very social person and tend to be out with friends in my spare time, that is when I’m not trying to survive my studies! I love nature and I’m a big advocate for saving the environment.

Warcraft Experience

I’ve played Warcraft I and II as a kid, but the main game I’ve played throughout my life is WoW >= WoTLK.  I’ve played on private servers to “relive” the old days, and try out Vanilla and TBC, however I’ve not yet felt these private servers to be truly rewarding, due to the many issues that come with said private servers. However, I’ve always been a fan of the idea of Classic and the old zones, so when it got announced, I went nuts! I’m looking very much forward to play the game with all of you!

Reason for establishing Pertento

I want to be a part of a community that allows one to experiment class builds, raid setups or what ever can come to mind. I’ve always been the type of person who likes to try new things, and when I met the other founders I was very happy that other people had the same idea and hope for the community. So we agreed, that we should attempt to build this community so we can all have as much fun as possible, while still reaching our goals when it comes to raiding, RP and PvP.