What class/spec should I play?

At Pertento we encourage players to play what they like. That said we simply can’t accommodate everyone’s choice if there is no space available in the raiding roster. Generally speaking however rolling a healer (primarily Paladin or Priest) or a DPS Warrior is most likely to grant you a spot in the core raiding team. Sub-optimal class/spec (i.e. Retribution Paladin or Feral Druid) have the least chance of making it on the team as they are limited to one or two spots at most (more only if it’s farm content).

Which primary professions should I take?

Similar to the class/spec question, you are free to take whatever you like. If you wish to take something that will actually benefit the guild however we will always strongly encourage you to take two of the following: Herbalism/Alchemy/Engineering. Engineering, while costly, allows you to maximize your DPS and wreak havoc in PvP. Through alchemy you are able to provide the guild with transmutes (i.e. making valuable arcanite bars every 3 days), and through herbalism you can acquire rare black lotuses in the open world that are needed in the creation of raiding flasks. While every guild needs a good blacksmith/leatherworker/enchanter or two, the valuable recipes/formulas will go to the dedicated guild crafters first; without these you will be hard-pressed to utilise your profession to its maximum.

How long do I have to reach level 60?

Leveling is an adventure; enjoy it! The raids are not going anywhere so if you prefer to take your time through exploration, fishing or whatever then do so! As to when we will embark on our first adventure into Molten Core (MC) it will entirely depend on the leveling speed of the guild members. The moment we have thirty plus players attuned to MC we will begin attempts to clear it. A dedicated raiding team won’t be made until 2 months after launch! You will never be removed from the guild for leveling ‘slow’.

I want to play a Priest, should I make a Dwarf?

We’re no priest racists and will allow all priests (i.e. Human, Dwarf & Night Elf) in our raids. While Dwarves are the only race with access to Fear Ward, which is indeed valuable to tanks, it is by no means necessary in order to progress through PvE content. If you don’t care about race going Dwarf is the most ‘optimal’ choice, but don’t feel pressured to play one if it’s not to your liking!

How do I get a place in the core raiding team?

Role leaders will decide who is ready, and capable, of joining the core raiding team. For classes with multiple roles, consult with the appropriate role leader to see if there’s space and what requirements you need to fulfill in order to secure your spot. The absolute minimum requirements are being level 60 and having some pre-raid dungeon gear. Take note that expectations of core raiders are considerably higher than those for socials and failure to meet these demands will result in a demotion.

Where can I find reliable guides and other useful Resources?