Something about yourself

I’m Matthew also known as Deathwatch as my online nickname, a 22 year old UK chap. I work as a Health & Safety Representative for the Company I currently work for after going through Management Training.

While im a big fan of gaming, D&D and other tabletop games and also a fan of Milsim/Magfed Paintball which takes up a few of my weekend yearly.

Im also a big advocator in elements of Roleplay to be included to help stimulate a server or gaming group even if all members do not involve themselves.

Warcraft Experience

My world of warcraft background is limited to between mid/late Vanilla until late BC. Though I did play the Warcraft games back in the day. My memories however are relatively few and far between during Vanilla.

Being honest, I was a pretty bad player back in the day considering I started off as Alliance but deleted the character after dying to many a murloc and not understanding how to repair my fully red gear. This led me to making a Orc Warrior, this character led me through the game playing him as a protection warrior throughout my entire leveling history.

Most of my raiding however came from my time in BC, acting as my guilds off-tank and performing that roll in parts of Kara, BP etc however my memories of such are quite thin in places due to the years that have passed.

My vanilla raiding I certainly can’t remember if it was at 60 or during BC though I do remember doing ZG at some point but can’t guarantee the level of which I raided it.

After quitting WoW at the end of BC, I decided to roll across numerous MMO’s that came up though never found anything I could settle in. Becoming a firm believer in the idea of Hybrid builds that while not the strongest in one role could act and react as necessary.

Though these builds have been neglected by time as raids focused towards DPS races over limited time frames rather than strategy and planning.

Reason for establishing Pertento

When I heard that wow classic was going to come into being, I felt an interest return with loose knowledge and at least greater gaming capabilities of now with what could be a game of old would give opportunities for Hybrids to hopefully flourish.

I encountered Halwin, through the subreddit for Wowclassic and after finding we had idea’s in common alongside Paludan, we decided that the idea of a guild that while still looking to progress raiding content. We would look to provide a much more wholesome and enjoyable gaming experience.

This further led me to the idea of design a loot system that supported both the Raiders, Non-raiders and the whole server community. The intention to allow the Alliance as a faction to thrive and guilds to work together under the banner of the Alliance.

Of course finally, to have a relaxing time and a bit of roleplay and story.

Deathwatch, over and out