Code of Conduct


1. A mature and friendly attitude is to be maintained at all times, both within the guild and in social interactions with other players. Excessive swearing, toxicity, racism, sexism, and any other form of inappropriate behaviour will be met with a strict warning. Second warnings will not be given.

2. Topics such as (irl) politics, religion or other clearly controversial topics, are prohibited in guild chat and on our Discord. We do not want members engaging in unnecessary discussions that may be detrimental to the social atmosphere, and could facilitate the segregation of members due to opposing views. We are here to enjoy the game together, and this should bind us regardless of our personal beliefs.

3. No-show policy: When you sign up for events, whether it’s PvE/PvP/RP related, you are expected to show up for said event. Failure to attend, or provide the organisers with a timely cancelation notice (2 hours before start), may, at the behest of the organisers, be met with sanctions. (Bar exceptional circumstances).

4. Players begging for dungeon boosts or in-game money will be given a formal warning. Multiple warnings will result in the player removed from the guild.

5. Never tell fellow guild members how they ought to play their class (e.g. pressuring a Paladin to take on a healing role rather than dps). While we are committed to maintain a proper and dedicated raiding environment, players are expected to acknowledge that the path of least resistance is not always taken.

6. Players are by no means expected to actively (or passively) partake in RP events hosted by the guild or other players on the realm. Trespassing on said events, or demeaning players dedicated to RP, will however result in removal from the guild without warning.

7. Players are prohibited from spending considerable time in leveling zones with the only purpose to grief lower level Horde players. It is entirely your decision who you spare or kill during your travels, but we do not want our guild to be associated with no-life lowbie gankers

8. Being a member of Pertento means you represent the guild and are expected to maintain the guild’s reputation. Do not tarnish our reputation by ninja looting, scamming, or being a prick in another manner.

9. Inform an Officer when you will be absent for 14 days or longer. Failure to do so will likely result in you being removed from the raiding team and eventually the guild.


1. Raiders are expected to come to raids prepared. This includes bringing all applicable elixirs, healing/mana/resistance potions, food buffs, repaired gear and ammunition. While we may encourage our raiders to get world buffs, including those from Blasted Lands and/or Winterspring, we do not feel these are decisive for PvE progression and are thus NOT mandatory. Role Leaders will oversee that every player uses the right consumables.

2. There are no strict spec/gear requirements in place for our raids (as long as gear is enchanted!). However, if your performance is severely subpar and you’re simply not contributing to the raid, your Role Leader may require you to make some adjustments in order to keep your position as Raider.

3. While we provide players with more freedom in regards to gear and spec selection, we do not condone PvP builds for PvE encounters. Therefore talents such as Mortal Strike are not to be used in raids.

4. Dedicated raiders will get priority over more casual players for raid spots. Dedicated raiders are expected to attend 80% of all regularly organised raid events.

5. Players attending a raid are not permitted to share DPS or healing meters in raid and/or guild chat. Our goal is to clear content as a team and not have people fighting over first spots.

6. Trading gear obtained during raids with other players during the two-hour window is strictly forbidden, unless permission is explicitly given by the raid leader or loot master.

7. Everyone attending an event is required to be present on our Discord voice channel.