Hello! Welcome to Pertento. We are a Classic WoW Alliance Raiding Guild on Zandalar Tribe (EU, RP-PvP). We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild whilst simultaneously having strong dedication towards PvP & RP. Our guild roster includes over 200 active players.

Intro Videos:

About us:

– Established November 2017.
– An active, well-organised, and strictly toxic-free Discord.
– Experienced leaders; with a history of hardcore raiding and PvP in vanilla.
– Push to dominate the world boss scene.
– The possibility for Socials and PvPers to thrive in the guild too, through social raids and BG premades.
– More spec freedom in raids IF you can carry your weight (see Philosophy).
– RP events in between raids for those interested (meaning less raid logging!).
– Community-driven members, with initiatives such as Vanilla Friends made possible by us.
– IRL meetups (see ‘Beyond Azeroth’ Media).
– Merchandise (see Merchandise).

Zandalar Tribe Alliance Realm Discord:

Raid Times:

Primary: Wed/Sun 20:00 – 24:00 CET (with Monday/Tuesday an extra raid day for progression).